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  Paypal for Game of Dragons Pledge

Here, you can support our 'Game of Dragons' project. Please take a look at our pledge and price list below. If interested, click on the 'Pledge' button below, then enter the total amount at the Paypal check-out window. 


Please note that, the mobile version's in-game items, is not included at “All previous+”. 


Please double-check your Paypal address because we will send the rewards to your Paypal address ONLY.


If you have any special requests for shipping & handling, feel free to ask us. You can also leave any messages during the checkout. 


Please ALSO note that the LIMITED POSITION’S TIER over $2000 can only be pledged via Kickstarter, while campaign is in progress. If the Kickstarter campaign ends and LIMITED POSITION’S TIER is not fulfilled, we will add tier that has vacant positions to this website. 


Thank you much for your interest and support!


Tier list and rewards



One copy of digital download.  


All previous+  Digital Soundtrack.  A Digital Art Book.  


$60 + shipping $8 = $68

All previous+

(from this tier, a digital copy of the game will be upgraded to a boxed package.)

Exclusive content : in-game magic potion that will never dry out, and additional in-game special cards.



Same with tier 5, but digital version of game. 


$70 + shipping $8 = $78

All previous+

One digital STEAM copy of "Perfection of Wisdom" (PC card game developed by 14Dimension) 

This copy will be given immediately after the campaign ends.


$100 + shipping $8 = $108

All previous+   Exclusive in-game pet and gears.  . Addition of a special thanks in the credits. A special Game of Dragons mouse pad. Mobile version's in-game items, equivalent to $30.


$125 + shipping $8 = $133

All previous+  One additional digital copy of your selected platform.   


$180 + shipping $10 = $190

All previous+  Physical version of an Art Book and the Soundtrack CD. Printed Game Image Stickers. Mobile version's In-game items, equivalent to $50.

$250 + shipping $10 = $260

Exclusive in-game character's additional costume. Game images printed T-shirt.

$350 + shipping $15 = $365

All previous+  Printed game images premium metal key holder. Cardtype 8GB USB.  Mobile version's In-game items equivalent $100.


$450 + shipping $20 = $470

All previous+ Printed game images cap.  Printed game images tumbler.


$600 + shipping $20 = $620 

All previous+  All previous+  A Set of Cards with Illustrations of In-game cards. Mobile version's In-game items, equivalent to $150. 


$750 + shipping $30 = $780

All previous+ Printed game images slim external battery pack for smartphone. All goods included to Premium Collector's Box edition.


$1300 + shipping $45 = $1345 

All previous+  2 additional digital copies for your friends. Your name will be written on the monument stones in the game.

Mobile version's In-game items equivalent $200.


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