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Korean Rail Driving Tour - LRT Uijeongbu

韓国鉄道 運転旅行 ウィジョンブ軽鉄道編

Genre : Train Driving Simulation

Release Platform : Nintendo Switch, Steam, Google Play Store, Apple App Store

Release Date : 2024-03~04

Korean Rail Sim 3d - Title Img (1920-1080) - Jap.jpg
Latest News

This game is a railroad simulation game that allows you to experience actual railroad operation based on video footage of the driving direction of an actual train.

Anyone can enjoy the feeling of being a train driver just by operating the accelerator and brakes.

Enjoy “real” video of Korea’s beautiful scenery!
Experience the Uijeongbu light rail train with a live-action video!
The stage of this work takes place on the Uijeongbu Light Rail train, which operates in the northern area of Seoul, the capital of Korea.
The train runs through 15 stations and the total length of the line is 11.4 km.
High-definition video faithfully reproduces the atmosphere of real life and provides a powerful sense of immersion in the game.
You can feel like you are a real train driver with smooth, realistic video playback.
Huge volume! You can enjoy the entire Uijeongbu light rail line multiple times in both forward and reverse directions!
It supports three play modes: sectional driving mode, overall driving mode, and view mode driving.
Visit the northern part of Seoul, South Korea anytime from home!
Optimized for PC.
Keyboard input and controller operation are supported.
Enjoy the train driving experience as well as the outdoor scenery of Korea's northern region.

Will release on Nintendo Switch, Steam, Android at 2024-03. 

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